Registered Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is the manipulation of soft tissues of the body including muscles, connective tissues, tendons, ligaments, and joints. It is becoming an increasingly popular healthcare option that helps alleviate the discomfort associated with everyday and occupational stress, muscle over-use, and many chronic pain conditions. Our Registered Massage Therapist is trained to provide therapeutic and relaxation massages to treat a wide variety of conditions.

Massage Therapy is very effective for:

  • Back and neck pain
  • Joint pain
  • Sprain/strains (including repetitive strain injuries)
  • Headaches/migraines
  • Sports injuries
  • General relaxation


Our Chiropractors are trained to assess and diagnose a wide variety musculoskeletal conditions. They will come to a specific diagnosis regarding your complaint and formulate a treatment plan to get you back to function. Treatment typically consists of soft-tissue therapies, joint mobilization, manipulation, stretching, education and exercise prescription.

Some Conditions we treat:

  • Acute pain (i.e., sprains and strains)
  • Chronic pain (i.e., lingering issues)
  • Tendinopathies
  • Concussion
  • Sports injuries
  • Movement dysfunction

Our Treatment

Our treatment approach is innovative, multidisciplinary, and holistic. Our team will identify the source of your ailment and work collaboratively to get you back to optimal function using an array of tools and techniques that you won’t find anywhere else.


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