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Our Indoor Golf Simulator provides you with the ability to golf, no matter the weather! Movement Performance Centre offers both individual and group options for playing on one of our courses or practicing in the driving range. Groups of up to 4 golfers are welcome!

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Full customization of course conditions are available and analytics on your swing are presented on the screen as you play! 

Foresight Sports

Foresight Sports is a global leader in the development of golf performance, entertainment, and game enhancement solutions.


We offer 2 styles of memberships. Including unlimited plays during the off season, club storage and access to our locker rooms.


Join our weekly skills challenge league. Each week players compete in 5 mini skills games and compete against each partcipiant in the league. Prizes awarded at the end.


Surrounded by a 20-foot projection screen, the golf simulator is not only used for capturing data, but also acts like a boardroom. From hosting corporate seminars to a weekly managers’ meeting or even just a simple whiteboard session, that is in a less sophisticated environment, our simulators serve many purposes


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