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Fitness Training

After the initial screening process, there are several options for our members to best achieve their health and fitness goals. Movement Performance Centre offers One-on-One private Coaching sessions designed and implemented by our specialists to meet our client’s specific goals. Group training sessions to a maximum of 6 people are also offered to our members, creating a fun and motivating environment. For high performance and professional athletes, MPC will create individualized sport specific training programs, and implement them in group settings with athletes of the same sport and caliber. Such an environment creates a motivating and competitive atmosphere, pushing each athlete to continually improve in the facility.

Our integrated care creates a seamless transition along the medical-performance continuum, leading to an enhanced physical and health performance. Our specialists have over 15 years of combined experience in the field of health practicing as a physiotherapist and strength and conditioning coaches. Results are achieved using Keiser state of the art strength and conditioning technology and equipment, within the exclusive environment of the Movement Performance Centre facility. We stay true to our mission and ethics to deliver an optimal service.

Athlete Training

The strength and conditioning department at the Movement Performance Centre provides

specialized training programs for athletes seeking to achieve peak athletic success and injury

prevention. Our certified Fitness Coaches take all necessary steps to develop a thorough training
plan that is best for you and your sport. The Movement Performance Centre prides itself on
having all the integrated services present to help guide athletes in achieving optimal success.

High Performance Programs:
Professional and Elite Athletes
Collegiate Athletes
High School Athletes

Service Highlights:
Performance Assessment
Explosive Power
Strength Development
Energy System Development
Recovery Strategies

Group Training

The setting for group training at the Movement Performance Centre is unique. Each training session has a maximum capacity of 6 clients and consists of 1 hour in duration. Individuals still receive the appropriate personal attention from our certified Fitness Coaches in this format. The goal of this service is to expose the client to an environment that is motivating, hard working, fun and safe.

Clients will be positioned in specific groupings based on a physical assessment. Also, once the data from this assessment is obtained the client is then matched with other members with compatible goals, physical needs, and capabilities.

Service Highlights:
Fat Loss Reduction
Strength Training
Cardiovascular Training
Injury Prevention Methods
Quarterly Assessments and Reports

One on One training

At Movement Performance Centre, we believe one-on-one immediate feedback and constant education is more than a commitment, it is our passion. We challenge our clients not only to achieve their goals, but to unlock all aspects of their body’s full physical potential. The benefits of being a multidisciplinary service allows for clients to attack all their needs in one cutting edge facility.

Service Highlights:

  • Exclusive Service
  • Individualized Programming
  • Consistent Feedback
  • Monthly Assessment and Report