Today we want to cover a common muscle pattern that is found in running sports, people who wear tight shoes or high heels, or have foot discomfort.

As a consequence of the above, commonly the calf muscles begin to tighten, and the front shin and foot muscles begin to be less active. 

3 Common signs that are associated with calf/foot tightness and discomfort:

  • Decreased ankle range of motion/ankle stiffness
  • Decreased control of the foot

Here are some simple tests to see if you fit sign #1, #2, #3. To make it easier to identify, try doing these tests in front of a mirror

#1 – Knee to wall Test – How far can you pull your foot back, while being able to bring your knee towards the wall without lifting your heel off the ground?

  • ideal range of motion is 5 inches.

#2 – Single leg stance

  • Is your foot/ankle making large adjustments to stay balanced

If any of the above apply to you, try the exercises below

*credit to the “Gait Guys” who created the exercises below

Exercise #1 – Foot Tripod – lift your toes off the ground while balancing on one leg. You should feel the inside arch of your foot elevate.

Exercise #2 – Shuffle Walk – keep your toes up throughout the whole exercise. You should feel a burn in the front of your shins.

Try those out and let us know how it goes. Otherwise, look out for our next sets of tips. If there are any questions or topics you want to see covered, comment below or tag us on Facebook/Instagram and ask away!

Note: If you are dealing with muscle tightness AND pain, it would be best to see a health care provider to ensure that these exercises are appropriate for you. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or email us for further consultation in regards to your condition.

Author: Zachary Hum