We are a multidisciplinary health and fitness facility, offering services in physiotherapy, massage therapy and fitness training. Our philosophies help our clients realize their ultimate health and strength and conditioning goals through an individualized, evidence informed approach. Drawing from the fields of biomechanics, exercise physiology and rehabilitation therapy, each client is taken through an extensive biomechanical and metabolic assessment, identifying movement pattern dysfunctions, muscle imbalances and cardiovascular capacity. This information is used to establish a safe, effective and efficient exercise program to meet all health and fitness goals.

Fitness Training

Our integrated care creates a seamless transition along the medical-performance continuum, leading to an enhanced physical and health performance.


The rehabilitation department at Movement Performance Centre offers physiotherapy services for acute and chronic orthopaedic injuries.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can be used to help a wide variety of patients in the treatment of illness, injury rehabilitation, disability, and more.

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High Performance Athlete Training

What is high performance athlete training at MPC? Movement Performance Centre offers one-on-one coaching, group fitness training and high performance athlete coaching. High performance athlete training programs are specialized and tailored to the athlete’s sport, as...


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